A Rotorua couple is warning others after would-be burglars broke into their exterior switchboard in the early hours of this morning, cutting the power to their home.

The man and woman, who wanted to remain anonymous for security reasons, were sleeping at their Pomare home when they heard what they thought was an "aggressive" knock about 1.30am.

The woman told the Rotorua Daily Post she "remained in bed scared... and froze when a torch flickered around the bedrooms from outside" while her partner was inside the home walking towards the front door.

From this point, they suspected the visitor was an "opportunist burglar" and sounded their security alarm, which ran on separate batteries.


When the woman rang the police, she also noticed her wi-fi wasn't working, and her partner noticed the lights were not either.

They later discovered their exterior switchboard had been broken into and the power turned off and made a second call to police.

The pair could not sleep for the rest of the night and spoke to the Rotorua Daily Post about midday, sharing their words of warning for other residents.

"The security lights are not going to deter burglars if they can turn off the main power. It was not until after the intruder(s) were gone that we realised what they were trying to do... Thankfully sounding the security alarm deterred them."

The couple said they were "now on the hunt for rechargeable security lights or solar panel lights to help deter any future burglars".

The couple said there were three cars in their driveway overnight, and suspected the banging on the door was actually "an attempt to bash the door down and check if anyone got up in response".

She said they had never had an attempted break-in on the property before.

"We consider it a pretty safe area."


The pair are part of the Neighbourhood Support group, and a neighbour got in a car and looked for the intruders after hearing the commotion.

Police said this afternoon no arrests had been made after the incident.

They confirmed it was reported at 1.40am.

A police spokeswoman said: "Police responded and located a group of three females... but there was nothing to indicate it was this group on the property."