Chaps, Spurs and Cowboy Hats: Horse Cutting at the Northland Field Days!

Horse cutting as a working tool has it's roots in the American West, but is now one of Australasia's fastest growing sports, displaying one of the purest working partnerships between horse and man. Using a skilled horse to cut a cow out of the mob and prevent it from returning is the aim of the game: and watching a skilled cutting team is truly mesmerising. A cutting horse often appears to be working almost independently of his rider, cutting a selected beast from the herd while on a slack rein, using his own judgement, athleticism and skill. It's obvious to anyone watching this sport that the horses enjoy the challenge as much as the riders, with points being scored for courage, eye appeal, herd work, controlling the cow, degree of difficulty, time worked, and loose reins.

The Northland Field Days are very excited to be playing host to one of Northland's top horse cutting teams, Northland couple Graeme and Sharlene McInnes. Country Calendar has featured this talented couple for their passion and skill in the sport, and with over 15 years of competition horse cutting behind them, their knowledge is truly outstanding. Graeme and Sharlene will be talking about some of the aids cowboys use, including the controversial spur, the type of saddle, the type of bridle, and training techniques for a cutting horse. Graeme will be available to answer questions and talk to anyone wanting some tips, passing on his experience and hopefully his passion to anyone interested!

First in the line-up starting at 9am on Thursday 2 March is the tractor pull Business Challenge, where businesses challenge each other in unfamiliar tractors which are supplied. The tractor pull Bank Challenge follows soon after, where the banks put interest rates aside to challenge their bitter rivals on the dirt track, using horsepower and sheer determination to see who crosses the line first to take home the trophy.


An opportunity to try your hand at racing (if you have a current drivers licence) is the Three-legged Race (teams of three). This race has great spectator value and offers the chance for you to challenge others on unfamiliar tractors, generously sponsored by Cervus Equipment NZ Ltd.

The serious drivers then take to the track in the main event on Friday and Saturday to compete in the prestigious Northland Tractor Pull, for a potential prize pool of up to $3000!

So come along for three action packed days of tractor racing, cheer on your favourite team or competitor and experience the thrills of tractor racing at its best!

For entry forms please contact the Northland Field Days Office on 09 439 8998 or