Firefighters in the Far North are urging their communities to take the current fire prohibition more seriously.

Northland has been covered by a prohibited fire season since the beginning of the year, but people across the Far North have been constantly fighting fires, with little sign of slowing down.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Myles Taylor said Fire and Emergency New Zealand crews had responded to more than 100 preventable fires in the Far North since the prohibited season was announced.

"When the region is tinder dry, small fires can easily become out of control, and our crews are regularly being called to fires that should never have been lit in the first place," he said.


"In particular we're heading to out-of-control rubbish fires. It seems like some in our communities are choosing to blatantly ignore the risks."

That, he said, was unacceptable, and was putting communities, forests and Department of Conversation land in danger.

"Over the weekend preventable fires were to blame for the loss of three caravans, while several houses were also threatened," Mr Taylor added.

"We're imploring our communities to keep a watchful eye out for irresponsible fire-lighting. If you see someone looking to light a rubbish fire or burning off, please ask them not to, or talk to them about alternative ways to dispose of rubbish or unwanted material.

"I want to make everyone aware how dangerous lighting fires in conditions like we currently have in the Far North can be."