While many Northlanders spent lockdown catching up on Netflix series and eating too much food, 25 Whangārei artists got creative.

After seeing everyone's lockdown art coveted on her Facebook timeline, owner of Hangar Gallery Megan Squire decided to organise an exhibition to showcase lockdown creativity.

The art pieces they have to show for their productive lockdown will be displayed in Hangar Gallery's Lockdown Covert Art Operations exhibit starting tomorrow.

Megan owns the Regent art gallery with her husband Barry Squire.


She said some artists who have approached her gallery for the exhibition have never exhibited art before and felt expressive during lockdown so began to create.

However, other entrants are professional artists who have had their work exhibited at Hangar Gallery many times before. There are over 25 artists exhibiting work.

Some artists are just exhibiting one piece, while others are exhibiting multiple works.

Oil and water paintings, photographs and sculptures will all be on display and for sale.

While one lockdown exhibition starts this week, another is soon coming to an end.

Anastasia Parmson's My Black and White World exhibition is coming to a close this Saturday, just a day after the Hangar Gallery lockdown exhibition opens.

 Anastasia Parmon's My Black and White World exhibition at Megan Dickinson's Gallery, is coming to a close on Saturday.
Anastasia Parmon's My Black and White World exhibition at Megan Dickinson's Gallery, is coming to a close on Saturday.

Parmson's exhibition is on display at Megan Dickinson's Gallery on Rust Ave.

My Black and White World brings focus to the form of furniture and common objects found in the home.


Parmson whites out the household objects and brings to focus the form of each object by highlighting the surface with black lines.

Parmson's style of work is influenced by the Disney comics and colouring books she loved as a child.

Dickinson says Parmson's black and white exhibition is meant to "transport us to another place where time becomes irrelevant".

And a it's very widely welcomed relief for the public from the current pandemic, she said.

New Zealand has been home to the award winning artist from the Soviet Union since 2010 and she lives in Whangārei.

Parmson will be talking to the public about her work at 11am on Saturday at the Megan Dickinson Gallery.


It is still free to view Parmson's exhibition.