Northland mouth painting artist Kevin Griffiths has had another of his artworks included in an international range of greeting cards.

Griffiths, from Ahipara, in the Far North, has had his painting "Coastal Poppies" selected to illustrate a greeting card included in the international range of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, which is available to a worldwide market.

It's at least the third time Griffiths has had one of his artworks chosen for the range.

He said the inspiration for the latest painting came from several sources.


"The overall scene is a painting of Auckland Harbour with Rangitoto Island in the distance, he said.

"On this I have superimposed a selection of red, yellow and white poppies, which is a flower I've always loved as the petals are so soft and colourful and I remember that a close friend had pink ones in his garden a number of years ago when I lived in Auckland.

"It is also a subject that I feel will be popular with the consuming public for the eye-catching colour of the greeting card, which I assume is why it has been selected by the adjudicating committee for sale to a worldwide audience.

"In fact, I also think of poppies around Anzac Day as my birthday is on the actual day."

Kevin Griffiths' painting 'Coastal Poppies'.
Kevin Griffiths' painting 'Coastal Poppies'.

The choice of a painting of poppies is also a good choice as an illustration for an "all occasion" card as it is a flower liked by all.

As well as "all occasion" cards, the mid-year range of cards from MFPA, which will be sent out widely to consumers in New Zealand and Australia, comprises gift wrapping paper, place mats, puzzles, playing cards and jigsaws with all the products illustrated with paintings by artists who paint by holding the brush in their mouth or with their foot.

The jigsaws are proving to be very popular during home isolation, with sales up more than 50 per cent.

Griffiths has been mouth painting for 25 years after he broke his neck and lost the use of his hands in a swimming accident when he was 13. After his accident he continued his education and became interested in various forms of art, which inspired him to travel extensively throughout the world.


In 1991 he was awarded the Bruce Hopkins Memorial Award, a competition to commemorate Bruce Hopkins' contribution to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) and to artists with disabilities throughout New Zealand. Since that time he has received the coveted prize four times.

Griffiths became an MFPA Student Member in 1992 and an Associate Member in 2001.

Members of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists gain their income through the sale of their paintings and products illustrated with their paintings and although this started with Christmas cards, today it includes a wide list of products ranging from special occasion cards, jigsaws, tea sets, address books, calendars, Christmas serviettes and place mats, gift tags and wrapping paper.

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