For 13 days in a row, Northland has no new cases of Coivd-19 to report, the district health board confirmed today as the number of recovered patients is rising.

Twenty-two out of 28 confirmed and probable cases have now recovered.

Three-thirds of all tests in the region are done at the community based testing centres and mobile clinics, counting 153 tests yesterday.

The Northland District Health Board reports that last week the rate of testing for Māori was higher than those for non-Māori.


At the daily briefing, director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield reported three new confirmed cases nationally – one linked to an existing case and two under investigation.

The total number of Covid-19 cases is now at 1476 with 84 per cent of all patients recovered.

New Zealand has now conducted a total of 134,570 tests.

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Bloomfield said under alert level 3 routine health care was commencing again, and he encouraged the public to see their doctors.

This included regular screenings, childhood immunisations and smear tests.

"As we move further into level 3 and routine health care is coming back online, we've had feedback that people may be ignoring messages about this routine care because they think it could be a mistake," Bloomfield said.

"We don't want people ignoring text reminders because they think the clinic has forgotten to turn off the email reminder system during Covid-19. Please look after your health and keep in touch with your health professional."


Pet owners are now also allowed to bring their animals to the vet.

When asked about requirements for moving to alert level 2, Bloomfield said New Zealand had to keep up the number of tests. He would also assess the public's degree of compliance for physical distancing, which will continue in level 2. Zero cases was not a requirement.

What alert level 2 will look like for New Zealand is still to be reviewed, including the freedom to travel between regions, mass gatherings and allowing further business operations.

The Ministry of Health is still working on a response for aged care facilities and how interactions and transfers can be made safer for residents and staff.

An urgent independent review into five significant Covid-19 clusters at rest homes is under way, and findings will be reported back to the Ministry of Health by the end of May.

Additionally, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said 75 per cent of the industry was back up in running.


"Extra activity comes with extra responsibility," she said, reminding the public to maintain social distancing when getting their takeaways. She also encouraged people again to support local businesses.

Cabinet is yet to review what the rules under alert level 2 will be. Photo / NZME
Cabinet is yet to review what the rules under alert level 2 will be. Photo / NZME

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Ardern said there had been 1035 complaints about businesses breaching level rules - most of these were about physical distancing.

She confirmed 185 breaches of the lockdown rules under level 3 and urged people to continue to act as if they have Covid-19.

"We are expecting standards to be upheld when trading that's why we're taking measure to ensure these standards are enforced," the Prime Minister said.

However, the system was also relying on people reporting if they notice that businesses are obeying the rules.


Later today, parliament will pass a new law to provide tax relief for small businesses. So far, $1.25b from the wage subsidy scheme has been paid 188,000 sole traders.