A child is one of Northland's latest positive cases of Covid-19, bringing the region's total to 16.

The confirmed case, a boy aged between 10 and 14, was one of two from Northland which made up the 89 new national cases announced by Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield at Parliament yesterday.

The other case, which was classed as probable, is a woman in her 20s. Four of Northland's 16 cases had recovered with the other 12 recovering in self-isolation at home. None are in hospital.

Northland case summary:
Case 1 (RECOVERED): Male, 20s. Departed Paris on flight EY38 to Abu Dhabi on March 14, then to Sydney on flight EY450 and then to Auckland on VA0141, arriving on March 16.
Case 2 (RECOVERED): Female, 40s. Departed Melbourne on flight JQ217 to Auckland on March 15.
Case 3: Female, 50s. Departed UK on flight EK38 to Dubai on March 19. Departed Dubai on flight EK448 for Auckland on March 21 (Previously in hospital, now discharged).
Case 4 (RECOVERED): Male, 60s. Departed Los Angeles on flight NZ1 on March 23 and arrived in Auckland on March 24.
Case 5 (RECOVERED): Female, 20s. Departed Dubai on flight EK448 on March 19.
Case 6: Female, 20s. Departed Dubai on flight EK448 and arrived in New Zealand on March 24.
Case 7: Female, 60s (probable). Travelled from the United States out of Los Angeles on March 18 and arrived in New Zealand on March 19.
Case 8: Female, 40s.
Case 9: Female, 20s. Departed Canada on flight GB615 on March 23 and arrived in New Zealand on the same date.
Case 10: Male, 50s. Departed United States and arrived in New Zealand on March 22.
Case 11: Female, 30s. No international travel.
Case 12: Female, 40s. No international travel.
Case 13: Male, 50s.
Case 14: Male, 60s.
Case 15: Female, 20s (probable).
Case 16: Male, 10-14.


On Friday, NDHB confirmed there were 12 cases under investigation at three Northland hospitals, which were waiting on test results.

Six of the cases under investigation were at Whangārei Hospital, four at Bay of Islands Hospital and two at Kaitaia Hospital. The NDHB had not been advised of any new cases under investigation in Northland hospitals.

As of Saturday, there had been 1047 Covid-19 tests taken across Northland's seven community-based assessment centres. Currently, the centres tested from Monday to Friday, however NDHB said weekend testing would be reviewed this week.

Head to the bottom of the story for further details on Northland's centres.

Of New Zealand's 89 new cases, 48 were confirmed and 41 were probable. No additional deaths had been attributed to Covid-19 and, of the now 1039 positive cases, 156 people had recovered.

Almost 75 per cent of positive cases were European or Other people. Māori made up just over seven per cent, Asian people are just over eight per cent and Pacific people made up just over three per cent. The ethnicity of just over seven per cent of cases was unknown.

Covid19.govt.nz: The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

Speaking to media alongside Bloomfield, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday came out swinging against people who had reportedly broken lockdown rules.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was uncompromising in her view of people seen flouting lockdown rules. Photo / File
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was uncompromising in her view of people seen flouting lockdown rules. Photo / File

, it outlined any recreation or exercise including swimming, surfing, boating, hunting and tramping was not permitted in alert level four. The notice was set to expire at 11:59pm on April 22.

Ardern cited the health notice when describing how and why the Government had strengthened efforts to punish rule breakers.

"While compliance has been generally strong, there are still some who I would charitably describe as idiots," she said.

As an example, Ardern referenced a 38-year-old Christchurch man who was arrested on Saturday night, after he was caught on video coughing at people in a supermarket. He would be appearing in court today.