Far North and Kaipara residents are being asked to dob in water wasters as Northland region enters its 11th full day of official drought.

The request comes via a website Northland's councils are promoting to supporting wise water use.

It asks for those spotting water wasters to contact their local Far North and Kaipara district councils if they see someone using the ever-scarcer resource unwisely.

"Notice someone wasting water in the Far North? Let us know", the message says on www.bewaterwise.org.nz, the water management care website. The same, localised message is repeated for Kaipara district.


The be waterwise website is being used by Northland's district councils to promote care with using water wisely around the North.

A drought was formally declared made Northland on Tuesday, February 11.
The website shows each council's respective water status across its district with the use of a simple diagram of a glass with varying representative water levels, some full and some almost empty, others in between.

More than a third (35 per cent ) of Northland's 17 glasses are now in the red zone. This is up from 18 per cent on Valentines Day just seven days ago.

Six glasses from the Far North's Kaitaia, Kaikohe/Ngawha, Omanaia/Rawene, Waitangi/Paihia/Opua and Kawakawa/Moerewa and Kaipara's Dargaville/Baylys Beach hold the least water – and accompanying red alert badge and messaging "essential water use only". This corresponds to the toughest possible level four water restriction status.

Glasses from the Far North's Opononi/Omapere and Kerikeri/Waipapa are Northland's only two glasses with the next lowest overall water levels and accompanying dark orange alert badge and messaging "no hoses or sprinklers". This corresponds to the second-toughest level three water restriction status banning hoses, sprinklers or irrigation systems, as well as filling private swimming pools from council water supplies.

Water tanks for Kaitaia's emergency supply have been installed as the area faces major water restrictions and people in the Far North and Kaipara are asked to dob in any water wasters.
Water tanks for Kaitaia's emergency supply have been installed as the area faces major water restrictions and people in the Far North and Kaipara are asked to dob in any water wasters.

An average Northland household uses 20 to 300 litres of water a day – the toilet 20 per cent, bathrooms plus kitchen/laundry each 25 per cent and outdoors 20 per cent.

Far North's Okaihau glass is now the only one in Northland that's slightly more full and with accompanying yellow alert and messaging "no sprinklers". This corresponds to second-weakest level two water restriction status.

Meanwhile glasses from Whangārei's Bream Bay (including Ruakākā, Waipū and Langs Beach), Whangārei (including Hikurangi and Whangārei Heads),Mangapai and Maungakaramea plus Kaipara's Ruawai, Maungaturoto, Mangawhai and Glinks Gully are overall the most full with some still filled almost to the brim. They have accompanying green alert with messaging "use water sensibly". This corresponds to the weakest, level one water restriction status.


The biggest portion of the 17 Northland glasses (including Whangārei's) are full or almost full and on green (highest water levels) with 47 per cent in that category. But 35 per cent of the glasses are almost empty and on the lowest red alert water levels – and therefore the most severe water levels and restriction status.

Whangārei is clearly the best off, Kaipara follows with Far North showing overall lowest water levels at its eight representative sites.

The Far North's Okaihau glass is now the fullest in the district, but this is still not at only the second highest levels and facing second-to-weakest level two water use restrictions.

It's increasingly becoming a case of "glass half empty" (or less) rather than "glass half full" concept in Northland.
The water levels by district are:

•Far North, eight glasses (89 per cent in red alert, almost empty):

•Kaitaia - red alert, "essential water use only"


• Kaikohe/Ngawha - red alert, "essential water use only"

• Opononi/Omapere - dark orange alert, "no hoses or sprinklers"

• Omanaia/Rawene - red alert, "essential water use only"

• Waitangi/Paihia/Opua - red alert, "essential water use only"

• Kawakawa/Moerewa - red alert, "essential water use only"

• Kerikeri/Waipapa - dark orange alert, "no hoses or sprinklers"


• Okaihau - yellow alert, "no sprinklers"


People who see breaches to water restrictions can report these by calling 0800 920 029 or by going to the FNDC's website at www.fndc.govt.nz/Contact.

The council is also stepping up checks when unusual water use is detected. Anyone who repeatedly ignores water restrictions can be fined up to $20,000.

In the Kaipara people can contact KDC on 0800 727 059 or council@kaipara.govt.nz.