Sightings of a distinctive blue Mazda RX8 stolen in a home invasion where two people were held at knifepoint could help police solve the serious crime.

Officers investigating the aggravated robbery are calling on any sightings of the car, with the registration number of GGN828, to be reported to police immediately.

Detective Dave Wilkinson said the robbery happened about 11.30pm on Sunday night at a rural farmhouse near Parakao, 40km west of Whangārei.

Two people at the house were held in a room by a man with a knife, while another man gathered a number of household items which were stolen along with the car.


A post on Facebook said both men had their faces covered and they suspected the rims of the car wheels would be offered for sale.

"Want to find the people who have done this! They have come into the house with the purpose of taking what wasn't theirs," the post said.

Information can be given to Detective Wilkinson at Whangārei police station on (09) 470 4500 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.