A Tikipunga man wants to start a clean suburb competition to keep Whangārei's streets clean.

Bill Edmonds, who picked up more than 1200 pieces of rubbish from the sides of Puna Rere Drive in June, has come up with several ideas to reduce the rubbish he is still finding.

His latest pile of rubbish - 12 council rubbish bags, a plastic playhouse and various cans and other recyclables have been picked up over the past three weeks from the sides of Spedding Rd and Puna Rere Drive.

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"It's just unreal."

He is certain most of it is thrown out the windows of cars.

"I don't know what they're thinking when they're doing it."

Whangārei District Council has supplied him with the bags, and will collect the haul in the next week.

"If I'm going downtown I'll drive past and if I see something I'll stop and pick it up."

Other times the clean-ups are more thorough. One day last week, he spent four hours going deeper into the bush along Puna Rere Drive.

Often people toot or wave. He hopes they will follow his example.

"Hopefully they think 'well we'll clean our street now'."

In the past three weeks he's found three names on documents in the dumped trash which he has passed on to Whangārei District Council to issue infringement notices.

Edmonds wants to see the fines highlighted more. "It's been going on too long."

Under the Litter Act 1979 people found fly dumping can be fined between $100 and $400.

Whangārei District Council said if it has solid evidence, it can take a dumper to court.

He also wants to encourage people to put their rubbish out in the morning, rather than the night before - so the wind or animals can't get to it.

"And while they're out there just pick up any rubbish that's sitting outside their own place."

Edmonds urged parents to set a good example and not throw things out the window.

"Kids only follow their parents."

About two weeks ago, he put a "please keep our street clean" on his fence, and he said in the last week it has been cleaner.

He plans to approach the council with his idea to erect some signs around town and start a competition about the cleanest suburb in town.

This week is Keep New Zealand Beautiful's Clean Up Week.

Tomorrow a public clean up and commemorative planting day is being held at Fishbone Park starting at 9am.

A clean up with soup and the chance to talk about ways to reduce rubbish is organised for the Canopy Bridge, starting at 10am tomorrow.