It's got a name that attracts attention but this women-only Whangārei self defense class is focused on making a difference.

The course is run by ex-taekwondo black belt instructor David Gray ,who started Self Defense Northland.

"Get away from me you f***" was a phrase coined by a family member, and Gray has decided to use it as the name of his basic introductory course.

He said tragic events in he and his family's personal lives had prompted him to want to do something more. He runs a monthly basic introductory class as well as a six-week more in-depth course which works on things like muscle memory, just for women.


"It's about boundaries, knowing your boundaries, maintaining your boundaries and if necessary enforcing them appropriately."

Gray said those boundaries include things like personal space and how a person wants to be spoken too. He said his basic class teaches verbal, physical and distraction techniques.

"Knowing what to say, how to stand, how to hold yourself."

He has been running the monthly class for more than a year, but tomorrow's course is the first one under the new name.

The course is open to women and teens of all ages. Those under 18 need parents' permission.

Gray, who had a stand at Saturday's Women's Lifestyle Expo, said he donates part of each registration fee to Women's Refuge.

The next course is on tomorrow at 6pm at St Andrews Church on the corner of Bank and Hunt St. The class runs for two and a half hours and is limited to 12 places.

The class costs $50.


To register go to or find them on Facebook at Self Defense Northland.