In a bid to improve Northlanders' gut health, three foodies will share their knowledge at a workshop at the Whangārei RSA next month.

Anita Kyle, from The Kefir Company, Louise Fawcett, from Pacific Harvest, and Kathryn Jansen, from The Vegery, have joined forces to raise awareness about looking after your insides.

Kyle says problems with the gut can contribute to a range of health conditions including immunity issues, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, depression, low energy, chronic fatigue, eczema, autism, behavioural issues, skin issues, hormone troubles and brain fog.

The mother of two autistic children, who each had gut issues, will share how she got her family well again and what worked and what didn't.


Jensen, who founded The Vegery, will talk about her passion for pre-biotics and the importance of maintaining a wholefood diet.

Fawcett will share her knowledge of seaweed and how it helps maintain a healthy gut.

• The talk is open to the public and is on Saturday, July 14 from 1pm to 3pm at the Whangarei RSA on Rust Ave. Tickets cost $10: email to secure your place. Bookings are essential and there will be spot prizes.