Six thieves kicked their way through a wall into a Whangarei store and stole items in a smash and grab that lasted less than 90 seconds.

The Coin Save store, which is part of the Paramount Plaza complex in Tikipunga was the target of the break-in, which happened just after midnight on Friday.

Security footage posted on Facebook showed six people, who appear to be youths, all wearing hats with hoodies over the top, and some with back packs on. The thieves kicked and punched at wall of the shop until they smashed a hole big enough to walk through.

Video from inside the store showed the stand by the wall shaking violently as it was smashed before the thieves burst through


The six people then appear to target the display counter near the till and also grab items from the wall behind the counter.

Just over 30 seconds later, the first person flees through the hole with his hands in his pockets. Two others follow close behind, one carrying a green shopping basket full of items.

Two others run off shortly after with another shopping basket full of items.

The last person lingers in the shop before running out holding what looks to be two backpacks.

The entire smash and grab lasts just under a minute and a half.

Police were called to the shop about 12.30am on Saturday after the front window being smashed activated the alarm system.

Senior Sergeant Ryan Gray said six people had broken into the store and stolen armloads and shopping baskets full of items and run off.

Police were still working to establish the value of the items stolen.

Gray said no one had been arrested yet.