The 50th anniversary of Jaques Four Square Kaiwaka becoming a Four Square store takes place this weekend.

The milestone comes as an even more significant date approaches - 2024 when the store will have been serving the area's grocery needs for 100 years, and by members of the same family who started it.

Pioneers Frank and Ella Jaques established the general store in 1924 which their five sons have run ever since.

Current owners Greg and Paula Jacques have been owners for 19 years starting in 1998 when Greg and Paula together with Greg's brother and his wife - Glen and Dalleise - and the brothers' parents - Brian and Gay - bought the shop from the other brothers.


Greg and Paula, who shared a background in the airline industry and "learnt the ropes" in the years since 98, bought the shares in 2014 and have been running Jaques Four Square Kaiwaka since.

"Greg grew up in Kaiwaka surrounded by family working in the store. So the grocery business is in his blood," she said.

After taking full ownership, the Jaques have made many changes; as recently as three weeks ago rearranging the layout of the store for easier shopping with a focus on fresh foods, fresh mussels, hot chickens and an in store bakery.

"It's a one stop shop," said Paula.

A supermarket store has occupied the site on the corner of Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Rd and Gibbons Rd since 1924 with renovations taking place in the 1950s and then again in the late 60s when the store was rebuilt and took on the appearance of a more contemporary supermarket offering 418sq m of retail space in an almost 740sq m building.

At that time the store became part of the Foodstuffs co-op and was given the name - Jaques Superstore.

Another major refurbishment took place around the time Greg and Paula arrived on the scene in the late 90s, when the store was closed for four days so the interior could be completely rejuvenated along the floor.

Initiatives over the years have included being among the first to provide petrol, starting with hand powered pumps through to modern day systems until the 90s when suppliers encouraged smaller operators to leave the petrol service sector.

This drive for innovation by the family continues to the present day with the opening of the country's second fast-charger for electric vehicles (EVs) in front of the store in November 2015.

Paula said the fast charge service is well used. She often looks across from the shop and can see five or six EVs lined up with travellers recharging as they journey to and from Auckland and beyond.

Paula said two things come to mind with the 50th anniversary on November 26.

"One being the incredible change in technology - mainly in the past couple of years - we now order from a tablet sent to the cloud. There are no more fax machines.

"Secondly the community hasn't really changed. For a very small population we have achieved so much and when the chips are down there is no better place to be.

"Everyone mucks in and helps each other," she said.

Paula said the best thing about living and working in Kaiwaka is the two beautiful coastlines, just 15 minutes drive in either direction.

"Our five minute walking commute to work is great as well, no rush hour traffic here."

To celebrate the anniversary Jaques Four Square Kaiwaka has four $50 4 Square Vouchers to give away. And when shoppers spend $25 in the store they go into the draw for a Panasonic smart TV (drawn on Sunday).

On Friday Charlie the Four Square mascot will visit Kaiwaka School to give out fruit at lunchtime and on Saturday "our big day" there will be a sausage sizzle, face painting and prizes (10am-4pm).