New Zealand's 52nd Parliament has opened and MPs are being sworn in.

The opening ceremony began on Tuesday morning with the arrival of Governor- General Dame Patsy Reddy's commissioners - Chief Justice Sian Elias and two senior judges - who delivered the proclamation.

The ceremony is called the Commission Opening, and gets the House in session before the State Opening on Wednesday.

The Clerk of Parliament, David Wilson, has started calling the 120 MPs to take their oaths or affirmations of allegiance.


When they've all been sworn in a Speaker will be elected, almost certainly Labour MP Trevor Mallard who is the government's nominee.

The new Speaker then goes to Government House where Dame Patsy confirms the appointment.

The State Opening on Wednesday is a full ceremonial event in the Legislative Council Chamber where Dame Patsy will read the Speech from the Throne, setting out the government's agenda.

MPs then return to the debating chamber to begin the Debate in Reply debate.