Top Energy customers are in for a pleasant surprise when they receive their next power bill - sharing in a rebate totalling $6 million.

The bill will include the lines company's annual credit, which will be welcome in the lead-up to Christmas.

All eligible electricity account holders, regardless of how they paid their power bills, will receive the credit on their next account.

Top Energy chief executive Russell Shaw said the credit represented a $6m injection into the Far North economy, and directly benefited 31,000 Top Energy customers. The payment would appear as a one-off Top Energy lines charge credit on the bill issued by their electricity retailer.


Ninety per cent of consumers would receive a $200 rebate. Commercial customers would receive more, and low-usage accounts less.

"Those who pay by automatic payment will be able to reduce the amount they pay at each instalment, or put a stop to payments for a while. People with prepaid electricity accounts can check their balances and choose whether or not to make their usual payments," Mr Shaw said.

More information about the credit was available at