A bylaw which will regulate freedom camping in Whangarei should be in place by Labour Weekend.

Whangarei District Council is expected to give the go ahead at a council meeting tomorrow to make the Camping in Public Places Bylaw, which will come into effect on October 21.

In June, the council put a draft bylaw out for public submission. It contained a list of prohibited areas, where self-contained campers were restricted to designated sites, where non self-contained units vehicles can go and where all types of camping is permitted.

Camping for non self-contained units had to be within 50m of a public toilet and all locations on the lists were for a maximum one night stay. In total, 126 individuals or organisations provided feedback ranging from suitable areas for camping, enforcement of the bylaw and the length of stay.


At a council meeting earlier this month, councillors deliberated the issues raised in feedback from the public and made changes.

A number of locations have been moved from one list to another and a few removed from the lists altogether.

There will be 38 areas where freedom camping is prohibited, four where only self-contained campers can go, 20 areas for both self and non self-contained vehicles and six for all types of camping.

Campers must stay within designated areas at each of the sites.

The one-night stay restriction will remain, except at the Finlayson St/Rayburn House Lane and Bascule Bridge carparks where campers can stay for three nights.

At locations not on the lists, self-contained campers are allowed to stay for three nights.

The council attempted to create a Freedom Camping Bylaw last year which only allowed self-contained units to freedom camp in the district. It was abandoned after community feedback suggested an outright ban on non self-contained campers might be too harsh.

A full list of the sites will be published once it is passed by the council.