It was a double whammy for Whangarei lass Cheyenne Kumar - she was admitted as a lawyer in the High Court on her birthday.

The 25-year-old with her proud family and colleagues in tow stood before Justice Sally Fitzgerald and took the oath of admission on Tuesday to become an officer of the court.

The former Kamo High School student finished her law and commerce degree at Otago University in December 2016 and started working for Whangarei law firm Webb Ross McNab Kilpatrick in May.

She is practising property and family law.


"I was always quite passionate about history and English and since Mum had a strong interest in law, she encouraged me to study that side of things.

"I've always wanted to come back to Whangarei after my studies and it's good to start my legal career in the town I grew up in and my family is up here too."

Ms Kumar said family and property law interested her because they related to everyday lives of people.

Her father Sanjay Kumar hails from the Fijian town of Ba while her mum is a Kiwi from Whangarei.

She and three other siblings were all born in New Zealand.

Mr Kumar said his daughter had always been focused and determined in whatever she set her sights on achieving.

"She had this natural inclination of achieving big and we're all so proud of her."

Justice Fitzgerald said she was delighted Ms Kumar had returned to her home town to practise law.

Justice Fitzgerald urged her to be truthful and honest in upholding the rule of law.

"The one message I would urge you to take away is that your most valuable asset as a lawyer is your reputation which takes years to build but takes seconds to destroy.

"Lawyers who are trusted and respected by their peers are often more effective than those who are not," she said.

The judge said the ceremony reminded her of her own admission ceremony 26 years ago.