Breanna Pram is the Northland Countdown Checkout Operator of the Year.

Ms Pram, who has been an operator at Countdown Whangarei for two and a half years, will join the other top 20 finalists from around New Zealand to compete for the Checkout Operator of the Year Award in Auckland next Monday.

Ms Pram thinks her success comes down to having a fabulous smile, good attitude and making customers feel valued.

"I love having the chance to interact with different people every day and making people's day that little bit better."


At the final, checkout operators would be put through their paces and tested on their packing skills, identifying hidden challenges, checking for damaged goods and the correct sale of alcohol, all while making sure their customer interaction is spot on.

Ms Pram was looking forward to taking on the rest of the county and was eager to win.

In taking out the Northland group title, she had proven to be a "service sensation".

Competitions began with in-store assessments where checkout operators were tested by mystery shoppers on their friendliness, presentation, speed, accuracy, and most importantly, their overall customer service.

Brett Ashley, general manager operations for Countdown, said recognising top checkout operators like Ms Pram was a crucial part of encouraging great customer service.

"We're serving 2.8 million customers every week and our checkout operators fulfil a very demanding role. So often they are the lasting impression our customers have of their trip to Countdown," Mr Ashley said.

"The best checkout operator is someone with a friendly smile who can strike up a conversation but also pack and scan groceries quickly and efficiently.

"It's the subtle things like packing meat separately but quickly, recognising persimmons and portobello mushrooms at a glance, and helping make sure your groceries leave the store in the same condition as they were on our shelves."