A teacher aide has launched a campaign to find the driver who knocked her over and the primary school student she was walking with, then failed to stop.

Carlysle Vivian and the student were crossing at the traffic lights on the Kamo and Three Mile Bush Rds corner at about 8.30am on Monday when they were hit by a car.

The student was slightly ahead of Ms Vivian on his bicycle and was knocked off the bike. Ms Vivian was hit by the bonnet of the car and crashed to the ground.

"I think he called out the window and asked if we were okay when I was on the ground, but I was giving all my focus to getting both of us safely off the intersection and didn't even look back at him until I got off the road," she said.


"I honestly thought he would park his car and come to check on us but he drove away instead. 'How can someone hit two people with his car then drive away, especially when one was a child?"

A shaken Ms Vivian was given a lift to the school by another driver who had stopped to help. The student had ridden on to notify Kamo Primary School about the incident.

''He showed far more compassion and maturity than the driver did and refused to leave me until he knew someone was looking after me and getting me safely to school. He also visited me at home after school to check I was okay,'' Ms Vivian said.

''Although we were lucky enough to walk away with fairly minor injuries, and I count my blessings we are both here to tell the tale, it could so very easily have been a different story."

Some witnesses made statements to the police, but no one caught the vehicle's number plate. Without the number and a description of the car, the police have little to go on, Ms Vivian said.

On Thursday she took flyers headed "Seeking Witnesses" to Kamo Rd shops to be displayed on windows or counters.

It reads: " If you are able to provide any information on the identity of the driver who left the scene as soon as his victims picked themselves up off the road please contact Bill Jordan at Kamo Police or the Principal at Kamo Primary School.

"If you know the driver, and he has mentioned the incident to you, please do the right thing and come forward with his details. We need to know who this man is, the registration number of the car involved or anything else that may help identify him so he can be held accountable and bring some sense of closure to the victims."

Ms Vivian said everyone had been very supportive and she had a ''fabulous response from the Kamo business community''.