Mac the dog is feeling the love after the community pitched in to get him checked over and tidied up.

Mac roamed the streets of McLeod Bay and Reotahi for up to four years before he was caught earlier this year and adopted by Lisa Dyer.

Mrs Dyer said she has been overwhelmed by donations from the local community and further afield of money, food, dog bedding and dog clothes.

The money raised totalled over $1500 and had been used to pay his vet's bill, his microchipping, registration and a grooming session. Mac also got a new collar, lead, name tag and some more bedding.

Klipped owner Kath Dean with Mac before he was pampered at the groomers. Photo/John Stone
Klipped owner Kath Dean with Mac before he was pampered at the groomers. Photo/John Stone

Mrs Dyer some people had paid money into her account, some had paid money direct to the vets and others had donated to the collection at The Deck in McLeod Bay.

She said The Humane Society of NZ paid for his castration and she wants to thank everyone who donated to help Mac.

"Some people have given me a couple of hundred dollars and I don't even know them."

Mrs Dyer had two signs made where Mac says thanks to Kamo Vets, Klipped and "the wonderful Whangarei Heads community" which she put up outside Parua Bay Gas and on the way into McLeod Bay.

She said stray animals often have a bad reputation and she wanted to spread a message of awareness.

"When you see an animal roaming, just think twice, maybe it just wants to be loved."

She said in the three weeks since she took him in, he has changed her life. He sleeps next to her, and gets excited when she comes home from work.

She said he has an avid following on the Whangarei Heads People Facebook page and when she takes him out for a walk, people pull over to say hi or wave out to them.

"It just amazes me how people have taken to him."

The next step for Mac is now to get proper training so she can let him off the lead outside.

The Northern Advocate went along for Mac's grooming session, where he was washed, blow dried and received a haircut. Mrs Dyer said it was possibly his first ever proper wash.

Klipped dog bather and minder Kit Hynes said he was really well behaved compared to other dogs she has on her blow drying table.

"Even in the bath he was perfect. He's a proper little gentleman."