Once again the peril of Facebook has reared its ugly head.

Two boys from Wellington College posted comments about having sex with drunk young women.

That is so disturbing on two levels: firstly, that they think like that and secondly, and more importantly, that they would have such disrespect for women.

At least this time they appear to have been punished, unlike the absolute debacle of the "Roast Busters".


In 2013 the "Roast Busters" made headlines with allegations that they were getting underage girls drunk to gang rape them.

The consequent investigation found the police had been monitoring the group's page and had asked them to stop. How harsh.

The investigation also found that girls who alleged they were raped by the group made complaints to the police at least as early as 2011.

We all know the outcome. No prosecution and an apology from police. There were protests held then about "rape culture", just as there was last Monday with Wellington students gathering outside Parliament.

Good on them for making their voices heard.

Social media has allowed young people access to images that were once available only in tightly wrapped and censored magazines.

Today they can go to any site they like to access some pretty nasty stuff. You might have to hit "yes, I am over 18" but that's it - a 5-year-old could get past that security.

Children and young adults need parental monitoring on their devices. Make some rules and show them, by your actions, how to respect others.