Three incumbent Northland Regional Councillors lost their seats in today's local body elections with former chairman Craig Brown, former Cabinet Minster Dover Samuels and Monty Knight all failing to earn re-election.

The council will have four new councillors after former Kaipara member Graeme Ramsey did not stand for reelection, meaning a new representative from the district.

The progress results came through this afternoon - covering 90 to 95 per cent of the votes - with the preliminary results due around 8pm tonight and the official results declared between next Saturday and Wednesday October 19.Sitting NRC chairman BilL Shepherd retained his seat in the Coastal North Constituency, winning 5122 votes to head the pack in the constituency. The new council will elect a chairman once they gather for their first meeting. Newcomer Jocelyn Yeoman came second in the Coastal North Constituency - and was voted in - with 4707 votes. However, Mr Samuels missed out, coming in third with 3943. In the Coastal South Constituency long-serving councillor Mr Brown garnered 2990 votes, to come in second behind Rick Stolwert, who got 3351 votes to take the single seat.

In the Hokianga-Kaikohe Constituency incumbent Joe Carr retained the seat in the preliminary results with 1464 votes, but with rival Justin Blaikie almost level on 1462, the result could yet be reversed once all the votes, including special votes made today, are counted.


In the Kaipara Constituency Penny Smart won the seat with 1396 votes, ahead of Rob Stevenson, with 1330, Mark VIncent with 1017 and Sarah Kennett with 396.

In the Far North's Te Hiku Constituency Mr Knight earned 2231 votes, not enough to secure the seat, with Mike Finlayson winning with 2324 votes.

The Whangarei Urban Constituency saw both John Bain (5634 votes) and David Sinclair (5205) retain their seats, ahead of Paul Gosling with 3997 votes.

The Coastal Central Constituency saw Paul Dimery retain the seat with 2855 votes, ahead of Paul Doherty with 1837 and Gavin Dawson with 955.