Congratulations to the winners

It! Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival competition. Heading off to Paihia tomorrow with a double pass each are: Louise Morris, Helen Aarts, Don Mandeno, Michael O'Hearn and Sharlene Kippenberger.

Person freed
A fire crew had to free an injured person from a car that crashed in Maungaturoto yesterday. The single occupant of the vehicle was then taken by ambulance to Whangarei Hospital with moderate injuries. No one else was hurt in the crash that happened in Hurndall St, the main road through town, at 7.10am.

Put down that weapon
A Northland police officer says people should take a breath and count to three rather than grabbing a gun in anger, after a young man sparked an armed offenders squad call-out. The 22-year-old was due to appear in Whangarei Court yesterday charged with assault with intent to injure, unlawful possession of a firearm, presenting the firearm and threatening to kill. A family argument that got overheated led to the firearms incident at Waiotira at about 9.30pm on Wednesday night, police Inspector Al Simons said.


A 37-year-old man who paid for $80 worth of groceries and then stole three items worth $4.27 ran out of puff as he tried to flee pursuing shop workers. Police say the man had paid for most of the groceries but then tried to take two bottles of body wash and chocolate about 1.40pm yesterday. When approached by staff he dumped his groceries and ran towards the city. Officers on foot left the Whangarei station and found the man, who had run out of puff. He was taken back to Pak'n Save, paid the $4.27, given a warning and trespassed for two years.

Application withdrawn
A Northlander in custody facing serious drugs' charges has withdrawn his bail application in the High Court at Whangarei. Tony Michael Britton, 47, was scheduled to appear for a bail application this week. He faces eight counts of manufacturing methamphetamine, two of supplying methamphetamine, one of possession of caustic soda with an intention of committing an offence under the Misuse of Drugs' Act, one of participating in organised crime, and another of doing an indecent act in a public place.