For Northlanders longer days usually means taking advantage of the beautiful coast and harbours in the region.

But before you wheel the boat out of winter storage, Coastguard are recommending a few simple safety tips before hitting the briny.

Whangarei Coastguard president Brian Whimp said outboard motors should be tested while at home and not on the boat ramp. A service at the beginning of the season was highly recommended. He said the most common rescues Coastguard were called to at this time of the year was engine or fuel problems and flat batteries.

"This can all be sorted before you get out on the ocean where it can get dangerous."


He reminded boaties the skipper was responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for the safe operation of the boat.

Checking the weather forecast before launching as well as during the day was also a key safety tip.

"Throughout the day you should also keep a close eye on the weather and check on forecasts. The weather and sea conditions will change during the day so make sure you know what is happening and what is expected," Mr Whimp said.

He expected there to be a steady increase in the number of people going out boating up until Labour weekend next month when many more would hit the water.