It took two weeks for a fly-tipping site in central Whangarei to be cleaned up after a man complained about the illegal dumping, but Whangarei District Council says the delay was due to extremely boggy ground which prevented truck access at the Western Hills Drive site.

WDC field officer Grant Alsop also encouraged people to direct their annoyance at the people dumping rubbish, rather than those charged with cleaning it up, who were equally frustrated by so-called fly-tippers.

On September 5, Bob Boud rang the council to report the fly tipping site on Western Hills Drive just north of Rust Ave. He contacted the Advocate on September 18 when he visited the reserve again and found the rubbish still there.

"I again visited the site and was surprised to find that nothing has been done to remove this eyesore. This is not good enough considering that the dump is close to the city centre," Mr Boud said.


"Not exactly maintaining the ultimate living environment, is it?"

The council cleared away the rubbish on September 19. Mr Alsop said the council apologised for the delay.

He said each day council received "at least a couple" of complaints in relation to fly-tipping, which cost ratepayers $7000 to $8000 a month.

He pointed out that some of the rubbish removed from the Western Hills site was in fact in prepaid council bags, which supported the theory that fly-tipping was often due to laziness rather than a reluctance to pay fees.

"That's the mindset of some people," Mr Alsop said.