A Whangarei pastor is confident that a service opening in his church will be a success in helping people overcome unmanageable debt.

A debt assistance service, Christians Against Poverty (CAP), is being opened by Elim Christian Centre North next week.

The service will provide support and advice to people who are suffering from unmanageable debt and help them to get through it and back on their feet.

CAP was working in Whangarei about three years ago with Kamo Alive Church but due to changes within the church, the service had to be shut down.


Now restarting, the team who will be running the service say it will work and that they will be able to help those people who are suffering in Whangarei.

Pastor Mike de Vetter said the church sees many families that have broken down and the main reason in all cases has been money. He said he was very confident that CAP would be successful in helping Whangarei families.

CAP Whangarei centre manager Wendy Ringrose said struggling with debt affects the whole family and everything in that person's life so CAP would support them continuously.

"We're not someone that comes in and produces the budget, we're there for the whole journey."

CAP services will be available to everyone no matter what their religious beliefs. The only people they can't help are businesses or those who are self-employed, as they work differently with Inland Revenue.

CAP headquarters in Auckland has already received calls from potential clients for the Whangarei team. All of the budgeting and discussion with creditors and debtors is done out of Auckland and the Whangarei team is there for support and home visits.

Cynthia Howard will be working alongside Mrs Ringrose.

CAP will open in Whangarei on June 27.