Max Hittle and Bernice Murray took out the open men's and women's sections respectively at the Bridge to Basin Stand Up Paddleboard Race.

Monday's race, at Whangarei Town basin, saw 75 people take part in 11 races - from 2km for the under 16s, to 4km for the adults.

Now in its fourth year, organisers said the success of the event ensures it will be on again next year.



Open men: Max Hittle 1, Mark Lawton 2 Jeremy Weston 3.

Open women: Bernice Murray 1, Nina Pivac 2, Sonja Weston 3.

Masters men: Stuart Murray 1, Hilton Leith 2, Thomas Reti 3.

Masters women: Robyn de Villiers 1, Nancy Bowmar 2, Leslie Ash 3.

12'6 Raceboard:

Open men: Ralph Cabansag 1, Matt Anderson 2, Shan Miller 3.

Open women: Angela McKee 1, Teresa Hill 2, Krystal Robson 3.

Masters men: Brian Oliver 1, John Kearney 2, David de Villiers 3.

Masters women: Marlene Jackson 1, Sharon Thompson 2, Karen Murphy 3.

14' Raceboard:

Open men: Marcus Hansen 1, Sam Thom 2, Felipe 3.

Masters men: Brett Farrell 1, Peter Henderson 2, Phil Ash 3.


Amber Jackson 1, Faith Ward 2, Jack Ward 3.