A crew from Kerikeri-based DDF Dance Studios has taken second place at the dance competition Project 2016 in Tauranga.

The DDF Mega crew comprised 16 dancers, including studio principal Alannah Curtis who also choreographed the four-minute routine. The dancers were aged seven to 14 years old.

"I was so proud of all the girls, they really ripped up that stage," Ms Curtis said.

"There were only three crews so we knew we would be in the top three, but the feeling was amazing just to hear 'third place' and it wasn't our name! We were not expecting this, all of our jaws dropped as we had stiff competition."


The winners, Neverland Dance Studio 112, are a big dance company in Auckland, "so to place behind them is a real privilege".

Ms Curtis said the DFF Mega crew arrived in Tauranga last weekend at 4.45pm and did not perform until 10pm so the younger ones were very tired.

"But they got up there and did their very best. I am so proud of our babies who danced with our Diamond Diva Dance Crew. For some this was their first dance competition."

The crew is now pumped and ready for another contest in Hamilton on June 18.

"We also are really excited to announce Oriana, from the Original Request Dance Crew with Parris Goebel, will be in our own studio in July, upskilling us with three workshops the public can take part in."