Police are pleased with driver behaviour on Northland roads over the Easter weekend despite heavy traffic on most days.

The highest speed caught on police cameras was 147km/h, which will result in a 28-day suspension of the driver's licence, although the offending driver's identity and the vehicle were not known yesterday.

Northland's top traffic officer, Inspector Wayne Ewers, said most motorists were driving in the 85 to 95km/h range on the open road which was pleasing to hear.

"There were one or two idiots. One was caught doing 131 kilometres at Waiomio, which resulted in an infringement notice and demerit points.


On Saturday, there were a number of driving complaints and we had a 22-year-old female driver who was in breach of her learner licence conditions on State Highway One south of Whangarei," he said.

He said the steady flow of driving complaints did not reveal anything out of the ordinary. Police efforts during Easter focused on detecting drink-drivers, enforcing speed limits, ensuring seatbelts were worn and paying attention to those who put others at risk by using their phone at the wheel.