Pre-World War I bullets and detonators are not what you expect to find when clearing a shed but that is exactly what one Northland woman discovered.

A Glenbervie resident contacted police when she discovered bullets and a box containing detonators in a shed she was clearing out on Monday about 7.30pm.

Police went to the property on Ngunguru Rd to look at the detonators and decided it was safe to leave them where they were for the bomb squad to retrieve the following morning.

The New Zealand Defence Force Bomb Squad arrived in Whangarei early yesterday morning and went to the property to safely remove the items which were later disposed of. Police said the detonators, which were in their original box, are believed to have been used to blow up tree stumps when clearing farmland and the bullets are believed to be pre-WWI.


Earlier this month when junior cricketers went to retrieve a ball during a game in Kamo, they stumbled across three practice mortar bombs and an empty machine gun bullet belt. The items were tucked under bushes near a creek on the Kamo Recreation boundary.