A central city cafe owner fears someone will be seriously hurt at a busy intersection outside her Whangarei business unless the traffic lights are changed to improve safety.

Agnes Borrmann voiced her concern after two cars collided outside La Familia cafe at the intersection of Walton and Cameron St, opposite Whangarei police station, about 11am yesterday.

A Toyota vehicle on Walton St heading towards the Town Basin was in collision with a Mazda 6 turning right into Cameron St from Walton St.

The impact of the crash pushed the Mazda into the base of traffic light - only metres from the cafe's door front.


Mrs Borrmann said if it was not for the traffic light outside the business, the Mazda could have put the lives of her customers and staff in danger. There were two customers inside the cafe at the time.

In the four years she owned the business, she said yesterday's crash was the worst but near misses were common and happened almost daily.

Mrs Borrmann said a green arrow rather than just the green light for vehicles turning right into Cameron St would help make the intersection safer.

"There are four lights at this intersection and all have green arrows except the one ... we've seen so many near misses and heard tooting horns and screeching brakes.

"It seems those turning into Cameron St don't realise they have to give way to traffic coming through. I hope something is done about it before someone gets seriously hurt."

Whangarei police were still investigating and late yesterday no charges had been laid.

Whangarei District Council said it would discuss the crash with police to understand if there were any road factors that may have contributed to the accident or any preventative action that could be taken.