A new exhibition of landscape photographs at the Shutter Room could have viewers wondering where in the world they are.

Strange Terrain is the name of works by Whangarei photographer Bruno Gilmour, which are at first impressionist landscapes, albeit they pay scant regard to contour and geology.

Gilmour, a landscape architect, describes the series of prints as an exercise in perception and stimulation.

"These works are not what people think they are, but I hope this strangeness will engage them for longer.


"Some people will probably rubbish them because they are not identifiable landscapes, there's a lot of texture, that should help."

Gilmour recently worked for the Whangarei District Council - projects he oversaw including the Art Park sculpture walk, Parihaka lookout and a new carpark at Whangarei Falls.

However, just as Strange Terrain was due to be hung he took up a job offer he "could not refuse" and is relocating to work for Wellington City Council.

The Shutter Room is a collective of photographers who produce and curate exhibitions in the gallery space behind the Old Library in Whangarei, plus they hold workshops.

Strange Terrain runs until February 20. The Shutter Room Gallery is open from 12pm-4pm Wednesday to Friday and 10am-1pm on Saturdays.