The Far North District Council is grappling with the unusual problem of what to do about a giant penis on Kerikeri Domain.

The male genitals, about 10m long, appear to have been drawn on the playing field with weedkiller.

It is not known when the image first appeared but Wednesday's mowing has made it stand out more clearly.

It is visible from the Domain grandstand and embankments, though low-flying aircraft would have the best view.


A spokesman said the council was aware of the issue, and its parks staff have held a meeting with contractors to decide what to do about it.

It is not New Zealand's first appearance of giant genitalia.

Six large phalluses etched on to the grass of Fairfield College in Hamilton in 2009 were captured in a satellite image that was later used in the popular Google Earth application.

Google has since masked the offending symbols.