Northland men should run a controversial pro-rape blogger out of town if he tries to hold public meetings in the region, Te Tai Tokerau MP and anti-domestic violence campaigner Kelvin Davis says.

Controversial American author Daryush Valizadeh runs a "neomasculinity" group Return of Kings, and has planned "tribal meetings" for his followers in New Zealand.

Return of Kings has announced meetings this weekend in Auckland's Aotea Square, and in Wellington and Dunedin. Women, gay and transgender men are not allowed. The group has has invited all "tribesmen" in 43 countries to come together to discuss the group's ideas and beliefs, which include legalising rape on private property.

Immigration New Zealand area manager Michael Carley said an application for Mr Valizadeh to enter New Zealand had not been received.


But Mr Davis said if the group tried to organise meetings in Northland the region's "real men" should run them out of town to protect women.

"These plonkers don't have any clue about what it is to be a real man who loves, respects and cares for all women. They need to stop pretending sexual violence is normal and a man's right," he said.

"They have already promised meetings in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin with the exact locations published on Valizadeh's blog; including a secret code-word greeting to identify "fellow tribesmen". This group has the collective IQ of your average garden gnome. They should get psychological help to escape their confused creepy fantasy world."

Mr Valizadeh, a blogger, caused mass controversy early last year when he wrote an article promoting rape.

"How to stop rape. I thought about this problem and I'm sure I have the solution: Make rape legal if done on private property. I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds."

His views on masculinity, the need for women to be submissive, fat-shaming and a man's right to superiority have raised eyebrows and led to protests against him.

Mr Davis said Northland men needed to step up if the group comes to the region and "absolutely" disrupt any meetings they held. "We need to let them know that rape or sexual abuse of women is abhorrent. We've got enough issues of our own in this country without these mongrels coming here promoting their idiotic views."

New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Winston Peters also had words for the anti-women group's leader.

"We do not need this drongoistic, medieval, four-flushing twit in our country breaking our laws."