The feeling in Auckland is calm at the moment as hundreds of protesters gather to object to the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership, the organiser of Northland's Hikoi ki Waitangi says.

Rueben Taipari is on Queen St now and said although the protest was not due to begin until 12pm, there were a "few hundred" people who had already gathered by about 8.30am

"We are on Queen St just scoping out our route.
"It is very calm. We are not going to hide, we want this to be safe but strong it is going to be tricky with thousands participating," he said.

Mr Taipari said a group of about 30 to 40 people who had been following the Hikoi ki Waitangi travelled from Whangarei to Auckland yesterday for the protest.


"We're here to honour the Treaty and freedom, I am very proud. Democracy is everything, we are all fighting for that," he said "There's a wide range of people joining in, even young people."

Mr Taipari said the police presence was "very big" and he was watching as blockades were put in place.