Bus commuters to and from Whangarei will get a taste of new double-deckers over the next 12 months.

Mana Bus is launching 15 new buses, including 13 double-deckers at a cost of $10.5 million that offer more spacious layouts, scenic top-deck seating, additional table configurations, and Wi-Fi.

The new double-decker buses take 65 passengers and include reclining seats, power and usb points at every seat, free Wi-Fi, on-board toilets and are also wheelchair-friendly.

In an effort to make their buses more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly, all 15 in the fleet will meet Euro 5 emission standards.


Mana Bus was launched in November 2014 and acquired Naked Bus in May 2015.

ManaBus.com currently offers fares starting from $1, making travel more accessible and also enticing passengers to book further in advance.

The company recently announced an increase in the frequency of travel around the North Island in September 2015 to help meet the demands of their customers.