Police say they have "very strong leads" as they search for a man in a Halloween mask believed to have broken in to a secure carpark at Kerikeri airport twice in three days.

In the first incident, a man described as tall and skinny and wearing a Halloween mask jumped a barbed wire fence at Bay of Islands Airport about 10pm on Friday and broke in to seven cars.

He smashed a window and pulled the ignition barrel out of each vehicle but could not start any. He eventually gave up and left.

It is thought the same man tried again about 11.40pm on Monday. On this occasion he started the first car he broke in to, then smashed down the secure parking area gate and a second, sturdier gate at the entrance to the airport.


He then turned right on Wiroa Rd but crashed shortly afterwards. The car has since been recovered.

Kerikeri police Inspector Al Symonds said police were following "very strong lines of inquiry" and believed they knew the offender's identity.

Bay of Islands Airport Car Storage is owned by Hertz. Inquiries about security at the carpark were referred to the company's Christchurch-based country manager Mark Righton, who said security had been reviewed after the break-ins.

"We're working with the airport to make some changes based on the particular circumstances that occurred this week. We are also looking at other additional security options that may be applicable for the site," he said.