Each year Debbie Sutcliffe fills around 300 to 400 bags with donated pyjamas, soft toys and other treats for Northland foster children - so getting $700 is a "huge help".

If you've seen Z gas station's Good in the Hood advertisement on television recently, you will very briefly see Foster Hope Northland.

The not-for profit charity which helps Northland's foster children was chosen to be one of four neighbourhood groups supported by Z Kaikohe this year as part of their Good in the Hood campaign.

Through the campaign, customers making a purchase at the station were given an orange token they could use to vote for where they'd like the money to go - Foster Hope Northland ended up with $707.


"We're small but we manage to put together about 300-400 overnight bags each year. All this money will go towards purchasing new underwear and socks because that's something we really need."

Ms Sutcliffe puts together overnight bags filled with pyjamas, toiletries, soft toys and other goodies to help kids in foster care. She said receiving monetary donations helped a lot as it meant she did not have to wait for underwear or socks to be donated.

"It's fabulous, it's a huge help," she said.

This month is also the final month of Foster Hope Northland's Pyjama Drive - three months where people are encouraged to donate new pyjamas to go into the backpacks.

She said the response from the community was "amazing".

"It's incredible, we've had a huge response from Kawakawa. The pyjamas keep coming in."

The Advocate office has been a drop-off point for the Pyjama Drive and bags of new pyjamas have been rolling in. Yesterday, 79-year-old Betty Kendall brought in three bags filled with little Noddys, dolls and rabbits she had knitted. "I've knitted all my life, I knitted as a child," she said.

Ms Kendall didn't think what she did was such a big fuss, it gave her something to do.

"It's just a hobby. Something to keep me busy because sometimes you can't go out so you can do them," she said.

If you would like to donate new pyjamas or if you are a caregiver interested in obtaining an overnight bag, contact Ms Sutcliffe on 021 450 805.

To donate pyjamas in Whangarei visit the Advocate office on Robert St between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.