Further to Kevan Marks' letter entitled Many Questions (Advocate 14/01/2015) regarding destruction of evidence of pre-Maori occupancy of NZ:

It is unsurprising that authorities are not being advised of new discoveries until fully documented photographs and carbon dating of artifacts have been established.

Why? Because the immediate "official" response is to bulldoze the site, impose a 75 year embargo on the region, or advise local iwi who rapidly declare the area sacred to prevent further investigation.

There are more than 100 such embargoed sites in NZ. Yes, Kevan, what don't they want us to know?


I have just viewed one website with photographs of an immense earthen pyramid, stone walls extending for miles, and religious cairns in Northland. Artifacts on this site have been carbon-dated at around 5000 years old.

The location was not disclosed - probably because the "discoverers" were led to the site by a bulldozer driver who was occupied in demolishing other structures in nearby areas.

Millions of dollars are at stake arising from Maori claims that they are the indigenous people of NZ, thus any evidence that casts doubts upon NZ being uninhabited when their ancestors arrived is a serious threat to their money tree - and also raises the ugly question of mass extermination of an earlier people.

Ngapuhi chieftain David Rankin (a direct descendant of Hone Heke) states unequivocally that when his ancestors arrived, there were people on the shore to greet them - and puts it even plainer by saying "Maori are not the indigenous people of Aotearoa."

Are our governments, "historians" and part-Maori spokespersons collaborating to conceal damning evidence?

Kiwis should rise above their apathy and insist upon a Royal Commission of Enquiry into our true history so that we can all determine fact over fiction.

Mitch Morgan

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