High-stress traumatic events will face 60 of Northland's volunteer firefighters this weekend when they gather in Ruakaka for a training camp.

But the scenarios including crashes, gas leaks, plane crashes and hazardous material spills could be what the crews face in reality while on duty.

Camp logistics organiser Jeff D'Ath said the crews would be based at Marsden Youth Camp and would be ready to go to whatever emergency they were called to. Fourteen fire appliances will be used during the two-day camp and about three St John ambulances will also be involved.

"They will respond to all sorts of scenarios but they are ones they could be called to tomorrow. I've done this before and it's just like being called to the real thing. The adrenaline is pumping with the pressure of it all."


A specialist make-up crew will be involved making sure patients in the scenarios look life-like and like victims of trauma. The crews will be a mix of all the brigades but once placed in a crew they would remain together for the camp.

"It's great to see them really come together and work as a team. Some struggle but they get there in the end."

Mr D'Ath said the crews would be responding to the scenarios with siren and lights so residents in Ruakaka may notice increased emergency vehicle activity tomorrow and Sunday morning.

There would be other crews available to respond to real emergency situations.