An exhibition with a linguistic twist is on display at Hangar Frames and Gallery in Kamo.

Twelve artists have work in an exhibition based on collective nouns. Exhibitors could select or invent a collective noun to use as a starting point for their artwork. The exhibition showcases an array of possibilities: a hump of hills, a frenzy of folds, a poly of verse, a perforation of zippers, a whim of fancies ... and plenty more.

The A Starvation of Artists exhibition is an annual event, with the inaugural show at the Quarry Arts Centre last year.

Megan Corbett and Barry Squire from Hangar Frames and Gallery have enjoyed the public's response to the exhibition, which opened on August 8.


"People are enjoying the sense of humour portrayed in the artwork," says Corbett. "It's refreshing to have visitors laugh in the gallery and some works have become a real talking point. This is what a gallery experience is all about."

The exhibition is on until Sunday.