The Far North mayoral race has once again had a last-minute celebrity entrant.

Just like three years ago, fans of the heiress, socialite and actress Paris Hilton have erected a billboard next to Kerikeri's BP service station urging Far Northerners to make her the district's next mayor.

The difference this time is that the Advocate was able to catch them in action. They would not, however, divulge their last names. The campaign's ringleader, Wales, said their aim was to the spice up the Far North mayoral race.

Arthur said the 2013 election already had one glamour candidate in Ann Court, but he was still confident the voting public would get right in behind Ms Hilton.


Following the theft of the billboard during the 2010 campaign, Greg said they had built a more robust sign and used more than 100 screws to attach their candidate's photo.

"She's well screwed this year," he said.

He hoped Ms Hilton would put in an appearance this time, given their significantly greater investment in the billboard.

Triggy said Ms Hilton's mayoral qualities were obvious.

"She's easy on the eye and more intelligent than the average candidate."

The group's 2010 campaign received worldwide publicity thanks to US-based website,, which describes itself as a tribute to multi-talented icon Paris Hilton. The site ran a lead story called, "Paris Hilton wanted for Mayor in Kerikeri, New Zealand".