Northland police haven't been inundated with tales of UFO sightings, or landings, despite UFO watchers reporting unprecedented numbers of unexplained objects being seen in the region in recent months.

Suzanne Hansen, Ufocus NZ research network director, said last week that there had been many UFO sightings reported in the region in the past two months.

Ms Hansen said one man had reported seeing a UFO land in Northland in the past five or six weeks, but she was not revealing where the sighting was, or the credible witness' identity, at this stage.

But a police spokeswoman said there had been no reported UFO sightings to police in the region in the past two months.


Ms Hansen said there had been an unprecedented level of UFO/UAP (unidentified flying object/unidentified aerospace phenomena) sightings from the central North Island to Northland in the past two months, with many from Northland.

She said UFO hunters had arrived in Northland recently to interview the man who had reported a UFO landing, which was being treated very seriously.

"He's a very credible source. He saw an object that had landed and said it was definitely not an aircraft or like anything else he had seen," Ms Hansen said.

Since the story on the sightings appeared in the Northern Advocate on Saturday several more reports of recent UFO sightings had been made from the region, while several other people had contacted the group to report historical sightings in Northland.

NZ Skeptics spokeswoman Vicki Hyde said there were a huge number of possible explanations for UFO sightings - and none of them involved visits from extraterrestrials.