Fresh from jumping off a pier in Akora Christchurch, during a break from performing alongside Neil and Liam Finn on their "Where's My Room" tour last month, Connan Mockasin buzzes with excitement about his upcoming headline tour of New Zealand - his first in almost eight years.

Since moving to Los Angeles three years ago, Mockasin has maintained a busy schedule of collaborations and recordings, dropping the Soft Hair album with Sam Dust (of Late Of The Pier) in 2016, and working alongside such luminaries as Charlotte Gainsbourg, James Blake, MGMT, Samuel Dust, and many more.

It has been almost five years since the release of the psychedelic-pop artist's second world-wide album, Caramel.

"They're like family so it has been really nice and we get to see these small little towns that we have never been to before," Mockasin spoke of the tour.


His upcoming concept album, Jassbusters, is set to be released later and will be accompanied by the Melodrama five-part series.

"It is a concept record in that it's a music teacher's album, and they are called Jassbusters," Mockasin noted. "It's the first band recording I've done and it's in two halves, one half is the New York version and one half is the Paris version."

There is no doubt music runs through his family, with his dad having played in bands during the late 60s and 70s, as well as his cousins developing a keen interest in the music scene.

"My parents listened to a lot of music when I was growing up and my brothers and I would try and make instruments and set up stages and do things like that."

"I'm doing the yearly residency in Marfa (Texas), I'll be taking my dad there to record with the band. I haven't been touring properly for over four years I think, because I've had a lot of time off enjoying life in Los Angeles. I'll be collaborating less and working more."

He notes that he never expected that his albums would get heard and always dreamed of playing theatres around the world - something which he has now accomplished.

"I like it when people and musicians that I look up to tell me that I inspire them and vice versa and that excites me," he said.

"I'm always excited to come and play at home and I appreciate the support and am looking forward to it a lot," Mockasin said.

Connan Mockasin will be playing with the Mockasin Family Band at MTG Century on Monday.