Export cider company Zeffer is moving into the former Crossroads Winery in Twyford.

From Auckland Zeffer has grown its export base and the increased production from its new home, plus being close to orchard suppliers, is expected to increase the bottom line.

It financed the move from a public capital offer last year and the entire cider-making operation, including its bottling plant, would be operational in August, said finance and operations manager Greg Small.

"There are close to 600,000 litres of tanks, which is a good size for us. We can turn them over a few times a year and make probably three times the tank capacity a year," he said.


Exports last year were 17 per cent of production and this year the company was expecting 25 to 30 per cent.

"The aim to get that to over half in two years' time."

All fruit came from Hawke's Bay as did its distribution partner - Sacred Hill's Quench Collective - "so it was the logical choice to get down here".

Zeffer exports to the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

The cider sector is worth more than $100 million annually in New Zealand, with Zeffer's international cider sales growing 25 per cent annually for the past five years.

The global market is expected to grow by an additional 730 million litres through to 2021.

Zeffer is focusing on two export markets - China and Thailand. With support from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Zeffer is setting up point-of-sale systems, will provide customised marketing collateral and train local sales teams in the two countries where distribution agreements were in place.

"We will continue to sell in and explore other international markets as opportunities arise, such as Singapore, but we anticipate the bulk of our export growth over the next two years will come from China," said Zeffer sales and marketing director Josh Townsend.

The cider maker's new address is 1747 Karpik Rd in Twyford. Crossroads Winery has shifted production to the Yealands Estate Winery in Marlborough.

Zeffer's bottling line will be installed over next month and the front vineyard wil be replaced with 1500 cider apple trees.

Crossroads had a popular cellar "so we look forward to getting our own ciders' door opened too".

New Zealand would still be a focus and would be the test market for new products.