The principal of a Kaikohe school is pleased children can start using a new classroom block now the rahui on the building has been lifted.

David Rankin, of Kaikohe hapu Te Matarahurahu, placed a rahui on a newly opened classroom block at Kaikohe Intermediate School named Te Ahi Kaa Roa, saying the name was inappropriate as it was the name of a papakainga that was abandoned after a series of tragedies involving children in the 1940s and 1950s.

Earlier this week he threatened to extend the rahui to apply to the whole school if the name did not change. But after a meeting this week the school decided to change the name and Mr Rankin lifted the rahui.

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Freda Mokaraka, Kaikohe Intermediate School principal, said she was looking forward to finding a new name in "due course".

"The school is pleased that the rahui has been lifted and that our students can begin using their wonderful classroom," she said.

Mr Rankin said it was a good outcome.

"I am pleased that the school was finally prepared to get round the table and acknowledge and apologise for its mistake, which had caused great offence to the Matarahurahu hapu, and had divided the community."

Ms Mokaraka said consultation with kaumatua and kuia from Kaikohe had taken place before naming the building and when the rahui was put in place community elders became committed to finding a way forward. The building was not used while the rahui was in place.