Northland not only enjoyed the hottest summer on record but it also attracted more tourists who stayed longer because of the fantastic weather, a tourism leader said.

Northland tourism leader Jeroen Jongejans said the release of the seasonal climate summary for summer that shows parts of Northland broke the record for the highest temperatures was good news for the region and its tourism industry.

The great summer could be used as a marketing tool to attract even more tourists, with tourism worth more than $1.1 billion a year to the region.

Five places in Northland, Cape Reinga, Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Dargaville and Whangarei, broke the record for their hottest summer since records began, while Kaikohe recorded the second hottest.


Cape Reinga's highest temperature was 26.4C recorded on January 27, Kaitaia 28.7C on January 26 and 28, Kerikeri 29.5C on January 10, Dargaville 29.9C on February 12, Whangarei 30.2C on February 19 and Kaikohe 29.1C on January 24.

Kaikohe's extreme wind gust of 154km/h on February 1 and 106km/h in Dargaville on January 5 were the highest on record. Kaitaia recorded 100km/h on February 7, the second highest on record.

"This summer in Northland was like being in the tropics and visitors stay longer because they love good weather," Mr Jongejans said.

He said one of Northland's strongest points was the close proximity of beaches from accommodation sites as well as a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Niwa said sea temperatures in Northland were 2C to 4C warmer than usual but in the South Island, they were between 4C and 6C above normal.

Niwa meteorologist Ben Noll said the worst of the humidity was probably over for Northland but there would be periods of excessive heat and humidity in March and April ''but not as high as what we've experienced this summer".

Other records highlighted for Northland in the climate summary were extreme minimum temperature of 22.2C in Kaitaia, 20.9C in Cape Reinga (second highest), Kerikeri 22.2C (second highest), Whangarei 22.1C (second highest), and 20.7C in Kaikohe (third highest).

Cape Reinga, Kerikeri and Dargaville all recorded the highest mean minimum temperatures on record of 17.3C, 16C and 16.9C respectively. Alexandra recorded the highest summer temperature of 38.7C on January 30.

The previous hottest summer recorded in New Zealand was in 1934-35.