Standing in the main street of Kaitaia former New Zealander of the Year Doctor Lance O'Sullivan called lockdown "a big joke" as cars drove by.

As he videoed himself wearing a face mask he expressed his frustration about how Northlanders were ignoring lockdown rules and even swore near the end of the video he posted on Facebook about 11.20am yesterday.

"This is not what lockdown is about. There's far too many people on the road, far too many cars. You know this is not lockdown, this is a joke."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday repeated calls for everyone to stay home and save lives. That would be the best hope for the lockdown to be eased after four weeks.


Lifting the lockdown wouldn't happen until the virus was back under control, and communities could stamp out quickly when new cases arose.

In response to O'Sullivan's online video Ardern said she would like specific examples of breaches and she was sure local police would deal with them.

"If he contacted them (police) directly, they might not have been watching his Facebook Live, that would probably be a more efficient way of dealing with the complaint," she said during her daily press conference yesterday afternoon.

Ardern said the police approach was to educate, warn then enforce. So far in Northland no one had been arrested for breaching lockdown.

In the video O'Sullivan acknowledged locals driving and asked them why they were out.

One replied she was off to get kai.

O'Sullivan said Kaitaia had a population of about 5000 and the number of cars being driven around was "ridiculous".

"This is not essential services so basically go home. Go home unless it's urgent."


"There's way, way too many people out and about. We are not going to beat this unless we lock down.

"Do I sound frustrated?" O'Sullivan asked. " Because I f****n am."

He said he was in Kaitaia to set up a clinic and acknowledged there were two chemists in the main street but that did not justify the number of people out on the road.

Getting a courier to deliver prescription could be an option, he said.

O'Sullivan pointed out the nearest supermarket from his location was about 1.5km down the road and he asked for an explanation for the number of cars.

"I'm going to do a shout out to Jacinda, the Far North mayor John Carter, the Minister of Health, Minister of Police and say it's not working here, okay. This is not working so you need to change this. It's a big joke."

He praised the council workers after seeing them earlier in the day mowing lawns around the town.

Far North mayor John Carter said while enforcement of lockdown rules was a police matter he agreed there were far to many "idiots" out on the roads.

"There are too many people for some reason who believe they have the right to put everyone at risk.

"It only takes one or two idiots who infect another dozen and the lockdown will be extended."

He could not understand how people did not get the message that social interaction spreads Covid-19.

"Stay at home ... it's as simple as that."

Carter supported police taking a firmer line with enforcing lockdown.

"I might add it's not just Kaitaia, it's idiots across New Zealand putting the country at risk."

Yesterday police had reports of about 12 swimmers at Whangārei not following lockdown rules.

Officers patrolling beaches in the area spoke with the group and they were sent back to their lockdown properties.

People fishing off a public wharf in the area were also told to return to lockdown and another group of fishers were intercepted before they could cast their lines. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website