By Rachel Grunwell

What pathway are you on in this life? Are you backing yourself enough babe? Are you the best version of you? Are you living the life you dream?

If not, then you need to pause and consider making some changes. They don't need to be radical changes. You just have to start changing, or working on things that light you up and that will get you closer to where you want to be.

My message is a reminder that life is really precious. Life goes by so frighteningly quick that sometimes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster. You also don't need permission from anyone else to live your best life. Often, the only person holding us back is ourselves.


You need to chase down those scary goals and dreams. Start chipping away at them. Just start. Just jump! Do it today!

Live life like you deserve a darn cape. After all, that's what we tell our kids, right? Yeah, we tell our kids to be brave and "just try". Or "give it a go". Or "do your best".

But as adults we can have crappy follow through. We let fear hold us back so much that it can paralyse us. Or we sit on the fence and do nothing and wonder why others are getting amazing opportunities.

But I want you to know that today can be different.

Stop living life like a robot that's stuck on repeat. Stop living life in the dead zone, living in fear, or merely driving in a lane someone thinks you've got to drive on.

You choose the lane you want to be in!

This is a conversation I keep having with clients I'm coaching — and even some friends lately. And I work with guys and gals as a coach by the way. This is not just a chick conversation.

By the way, I'm not fearless. But I'm okay about trying, falling down and failing. I'm okay at sucking at something for ages in the hope of getting better in order to achieve a dream. I'm good too at chipping away slowly at things. No, I'm not always perfect at trying, but I'm passionate about some things to at least give them a shot. I got off that fence I was sitting on a while ago.


How? I flicked a switch inside and started to believe in myself and now try for things I'm passionate about. Join me and put on your cape too ...

Three tips to realise your dreams
1. Stop listening to that inner voice that's holding you back. Put self-doubt aside.
2. Talk to someone who can help you achieve your goal. Get encouragement and ideas. This person can also be a cheerleader for you.
3. Find out more about the people who are living your dream. Success leaves clues.

• Rachel Grunwell is an award-winning writer, coach, wellness expert, speaker and yoga teacher. Check out her blog on her lifestyle website Follow her via InspiredHealthNZ's Facebook (InspiredHealthNZ) or her Instagram (RachelGrunwell).